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Tên Sản Phẩm: Lifefitness- Receumbement Bicycles-95R


Lifefitness- Receumbement Bicycles-95R

CYBEX sees beyond today’s trends to deliver a new and honest approach to cross-training —the “right way to work out.” The Arc Trainer was developed with the “correct arc of motion,”a user-friendly path that reaches new heights in biomechanics. It delivers a safe, effective workout based on body basics, not fitness fads.
The Arc Trainer allows users to burn more calories and train muscles with more intensity, while feeling less exertion. The unique pattern of motion balances the work done by the hip and knee by ensuring that the direction of force is forward of the hip and behind the knee for equal leverage. Balancing the work between muscle groups ensures that each contributes to the movement and that none are over taxed.


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